Tomorrow morning, at the unlikely time of 11 a.m., I'll be in SERIAL KILLERS @ THE FRINGE, a special Fringe-y version of the late-night hit SERIAL KILLERS in which I often participate. This time, I'm in the serial MY HUSBAND, MY FATHER: THE LIFETIME MOVIE MUSICAL and I will be singing. At 11 a.m. It's written by the amazing Amber Ruffin and Lauren Van Kurin (KING OF KONG THE MUSICAL), and it's hilarious.

Tix are available here:

TONIGHT - Back at Serial Killers @ Sacred Fools - 3/12/16

Oh, it's gonna be a funny show. I'm back as Dr. Falcon in episode 5 of Padraic Duffy and Scott Leggett's THE TOBACCONIST, and starring in episode 1 of a Guy Ritchie parody: THE BIRD, TWO GEEZERS, THREE KILOS OF CHARLIE AND I GOTTA TAKE A SLASH by Sean Sweeney. Come see this thing!

And here's what happened last time I played Dr. Falcon in THE TOBACCONIST: